The Botanic Gardens
The Plant Centre

The Plant Centre

Hundreds of plants for all situations, challenging sites and environmental conditions - many highly recommended, having the RHS Award of Merit. Personal service and advice.


Many species of basic culinary herbs – annual, biennial and perennials.
Use our ornamental and variegated forms to add colour and interest to your garden.



Roses to climb, ramble and tumble, for patios, ground covering and exhibition. Varieties for fragrance, elegance and repeat flowering for the romantic
at heart.



Quality ornamental plants for different garden sizes and design styles. Plants with impressive seasonal colour. Ericaceous shrubs for acid conditions.



A Samarès speciality. Hundreds of varieties suitable for sunshine, shade and moisture. Grasses and plants for seaside conditions. Unusual and special varieties.



Honeysuckle, clematis and other species in many outstanding varieties. Ideal for walls and pergolas. Clematis that combine well with rambling roses.



Traditional English varieties and many outstanding new cultivars, ideal for hot spots. Different plant heights, shapes and colours. Unusual French Lavenders.


The Gift Shop


Choose from a great selection of stationery, toiletries, seeds, jewellery, soft toys, kitchenware, china, unusual gifts, which we have selected with our discerning customers in mind.